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Muzzo became eligible for day parole on Friday and full parole in May. Muzzo stood in front of the board and said he was incredibly sorry for the September crash that left nine-year-old Daniel Neville-Lake, five-year-old Harrison Neville-Lake, two-year-old Milly Neville-Lake, and year-old Gary Neville dead. Muzzo was on his way home from the Toronto airport at the time after returning from Miami, where he celebrated his bachelor party. According to an agreed statement of facts read in court, a police officer, who was called to the scene, said Muzzo had glossy eyes, smelled of alcohol and had urinated himself. A toxicologist discovered that Muzzo was about three times over the legal limit of alcohol consumption while behind the wheel. At the hearing, Muzzo vowed that he would never drink again. The year-old added that his remorse feels like a life sentence he has put on himself. She could not see the expression on his face as he spoke. During the hearing, she presented photos of each of her family members who died in the crash. Muzzo has six months to appeal the decision made on Wednesday and he will be eligible to reapply in one year.

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Testimonial – Joe Marriage to a Moroccan Citizen Every country has its own laws that apply to its citizens marrying a person from a different country. Getting married to a Moroccan citizen with the goal of eventually bringing them to Canada to live is a process with many steps. If you want to bring your Moroccan spouse or partner to live in Canada, you must then file a sponsorship application for them to become a permanent resident.

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Aaron Judge signed a 1 year / $, contract with the New York Yankees, including $, guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $, In, Judge will earn a base salary of, a signing bonus of, a roster bonus of, a signing bonus of, a restructure bonus of, a workout bonus of and a incentive bonus of, while carrying a total.

Any Any A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I live in one of the largest metro areas in the country 8 million MSA , I am attractive and successful. Over the course of nine months, Steve and Joann found me two possible dates and neither worked out. The quality of the two men presented was subpar. I reached out to Steve for a refund. Don’t waste your money. The matchmaking aspect of the service began in December Megan refused to provide clear photos to be shared with her potential matches that were full length and showed her smiling.

She was resistant, difficult to work with and stubborn from day one. Within 3 months and several attempted matches she began threatening to complain to our state attorney general if we did not provide a refund that she was no longer entitled to. The professional coach assigned to her has countless positive reviews on this site and others. She certainly has experience dealing with addicts.

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Norman Barwin is seen in this undated photo. CTV News A former Ottawa fertility doctor at the heart of a class action lawsuit is facing new accusations. Norman Barwin used his own sperm, and not those of the requested donors, to inseminate at least two women who used his services at the Broadview Fertility Clinic.

For older people the dating sphere is frought with perils, especially online dating, and yet still the best of the worst options for many. To this day i have been on few dates simply because the sheer disgust with the whole approach and is akin to diving head first into a buzzsaw.

In upholding the sentence against Enrico Cagnotti, the Appeal Court found the judge at trial was justified in imposing a stiffer sentence than what had been recommended by Crown and defence. Cagnotti, 50, of Tiny Township, Ont. He already had a long record of fraud-related convictions. Cagnotti complained he had been unfairly treated and said he would appeal, but the higher court, which heard his case Thursday, wasn’t biting. Brophy was justified in rejecting counsel’s submissions and imposing a stiffer jail term, the Appeal Court said.

The judge only did so after giving reasons why the sentence suggested by the Crown “was contrary to the public interest and the administration of justice,” the court ruled. Cagnotti’s criminal record began a dozen years ago with a conviction for uttering threats. He has since racked up about two dozen convictions and jail terms for crimes including fraud, theft and forgery, uttering threats and obstructing police.

The courts banned him in August for three years from participating in online dating sites or pretending to be an “available partner. Cagnotti used different profiles and made false claims about his wealth and prestige to women, police said. In sentencing him, Brophy found the accused was trying to get money by “playing on their emotions and psychological needs. Cagnotti would appear to be a career con man,” the judge said.

I was willing to do what had to be done, and people that I defrauded, I paid back with restitution.


Facebook chooses Canada for dating feature launch, but privacy concerns abound The Facebook app is seen in this undated file photo. His company Facebook Inc. Facebook Dating, which was previously piloted in Colombia, operates with users creating profiles that are separate from their Facebook ones and kept out of sight of friends.

The company will recommend matches that users aren’t already friends with, but who share dating preferences, interests and if they’d like, mutual friends or groups and events.

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In fact, most if not all Ottawans know this. Every corner you turn in the downtown core you’re probably going to end up at a shawarma joint. There’s over a hundred shawarma places in the entire city and every Ottawan has their own favourite place for the delicious, garlic-drenched Lebanese delicacy. They’ve been serving shawarma for almost 20 years and their reputation’s unprecedented. Shawarma Palace the Rideau St. The proportions are unholy and it may just be one of the best meal deals in the entire city.

You can probably feed two adults with one plate. If there’s one shawarma place you need to try in Ottawa, it’s this. The beef is downright holy and, mixed with their tahini sauce, this place makes a worthwhile pilgrimage to the east end of the city.

Ontario judge turns to expressive art after diagnosis of Lewy body dementia

When parents get divorced or have children outside of marriage , one of the most important determinations is who gets custody. This is generally a very difficult process for everyone involved, especially children. But regardless of the emotional challenges of custody disputes, courts take a measured approach to the process. Getting custody of your child requires an understanding of the various factors considered by family courts.

What follows are some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding child custody, joint custody, child visitation, and family law. When deciding on the custody of a child, what factors does a court look at?

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Indeed, the official statistics indicate that non-Jewish Whites at Harvard are America’s most under-represented population group, enrolled at a much lower fraction of their national population than blacks or Hispanics, despite having far higher academic test scores. Lawrence Bacow, latest Jewish President of Harvard When examining statistical evidence, the proper aggregation of data is critical. Consider the ratio of the recent enrollment of Asian students at Harvard relative to their estimated share of America’s recent NMS semifinalists, a reasonable proxy for the high-ability college-age population, and compare this result to the corresponding figure for whites.

Thus, there appears to be no evidence for racial bias against Asians, even excluding the race-neutral impact of athletic recruitment, legacy admissions, and geographical diversity. As a consequence, Asians appear under-represented relative to Jews by a factor of seven, while non-Jewish Whites are by far the most under-represented group of all, despite any benefits they might receive from athletic, legacy, or geographical distribution factors.

Just as striking as these wildly disproportionate current numbers have been the longer enrollment trends. In the three decades since I graduated Harvard, the presence of white Gentiles has dropped by as much as 70 per cent, despite no remotely comparable decline in the relative size or academic performance of that population; meanwhile, the percentage of Jewish students has actually increased.

Ottawa judge allegedly investigated sex assault complainant on dating website

Share Prosecutors are appealing a not guilty verdict in a case of domestic sexual assault after the investigating officer reported that the Ottawa trial judge created an online dating profile to research the alleged victim. Ray allegedly said he created a profile on match. He suggested that the defence “would have been able to hang the victim with all the available information,” according to the affidavit. The alleged victim testified behind a screen during the trial, which shielded her from seeing others in the courtroom but allowed others, including the accused to see her.

The accused cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the alleged victim. Lehman reported her conversation to the Crown after leaving the judge’s chambers.

A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is a trained community volunteer appointed by a judge to speak up for the best interests of an abused or neglected child. The ultimate goal of a CASA volunteer is to help make sure the child has a safe, permanent home.

LinkedIn OTTAWA — Prosecutors are trying to overturn a not-guilty verdict from an Ottawa judge who created a fake online dating profile and used it to find what he considered negative information about an alleged sexual assault victim. In an affidavit filed in court, Ottawa police Det. Erin Lehman said the judge invited her to his chambers after finding the man not guilty to ask if she had checked the online dating website match.

The case turned on the credibility of the complainant. There is evidence to suggest that before [Judge Ray] released his reasons for acquitting, he had gone online to a website where he knew there to be information about the complainant and had learned information about her that he found undermined her credibility When Det. Lehman said no, Judge Ray told her he had gone online himself the night before delivering his verdict and created a fake profile where he pretended to be a year-old gay male, according to Det.

The judge and Det. The detective responded by saying that she was almost always at the courthouse. They walked out of chambers together, and, after making some more small talk, she wished him a Merry Christmas. Lehman said the meeting with Judge Ray occurred after a bailiff approached her and quietly said Judge Ray had asked the bailiff to discreetly ask Det. Lehman to meet in his chambers once the trial was over.

Judge Ray found the man not guilty of sexual assault, forcible confinement and possession of a knife for a dangerous purpose. He was convicted of the lesser charge of simple assault and pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching a recognizance.

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By Bob Aaron Property law Sat. Owners of a luxury condo unit in downtown Ottawa advertised it on nine websites for rentals. In the Ottawa case, the owners of a luxury downtown condo unit advertised it on nine websites for rentals as short as one night. The condominium declaration in the building says units can only be used as single-family dwellings. Last May, the board also enacted a rule that restricted tenancies to a minimum of four months. The two cases involved the owners of various units in the Metropole, a unit luxury condominium project at King and Yonge Sts.

Courage and EnCourage International is an apostolate which offers support for those who experience same-sex attractions and their loved ones.

In ten years, the internal combustion engine used in most automobiles had been largely perfected. Cartoon, The Evening Journal, 10 February , artist unknown For the majority of people, however, owing an automobile was a dream rather than a reality. Prices were high relative to incomes, especially during the years prior to the introduction of the assembly line that lowered production costs.

In , there were only automobiles cruising the streets of the capital, up from a dozen ten years earlier. While the initial outlay for a car or truck was substantial, motor vehicles were more convenient, faster, and could carry heavier loads over longer distances, though winter motoring was problematic. At its peak, the firm employed as many as twenty mechanics at its plant located at the corner of Lyon and Wellington Streets, just a short walk from Parliament Hill, with a showroom at 26 Sparks Street.

Sadly, the firm only produced cars from to , and disappeared without a trace like so many of the small, craft-style producers, a victim of strong competition, high costs, and the inability to take advantage of economies of scale. In mid-February , Ottawa held its first automobile show, hosted by the Ottawa Valley Motor Car Association founded five years earlier.

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In January , Robinson complained to SBG management that she had been subject to harassment based on her race and gender. Robinson delivered many documents to SBG, but two days later, Robinson resigned. Defendants have moved for summary judgment. On April 18, , this Court heard oral argument.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) – Contact the local Weatherization Operator serving your county. There are three weatherization operators in Wayne County, each serving specific communities.

Archives Mosaic Edition is on mosaicedition. The new site is currently running. The new site will see updates during the period of launching. The site will also be on Face Book at mosaicedition. In a keenly contested election, which ended on the 13th round, the former speaker of the House of Commons snatched the leadership race form Maxime Bernier who led earlier in 12 rounds. Andrew Scheer wasted no time in calling for party unity judging by the nail-biting defeat of Maxime Bernier who appeared to have clinched the leadership of the party by the number of endorsement of party big-wigs across the country.

Andrew Scheer, 38, father of five is fluently bilingual. Canada tests name-blind recruitment. April 20, Canada is testing the sustainability and effectiveness of applying name-blind recruitment techniques in the federal civil service. The President of the Treasury Board, Scott Brison Name-blind recruitment is the practice of removing names from job application forms to remove unconscious bias with ethnic sounding names during hiring process.

The result of the pilot project would help inform the thinking on potentially increasing the use of name-blind recruitment across the public service.

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