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Review The Poll’s Results Variable Impedance This is a feature sometimes found on premium preamps that lets you adjust the electrical impedance of the preamp. The variable impedance feature gives you a range of settings, which may be useful for getting a different response out of your mics. How important is it? The bigger your mic collection, the more you may want this feature. Class “A” preamps You will probably notice many references to “Class A” preamps in product literature, but no references to what this means. Heh, there is not a government agency certifying grades of preamps, like Grade A milk, lol. A Class A preamp is distinguished by its circuit design. A Class A preamp will draw more current and run hotter, hence you’ll see the preamp often in big 2 or even 3 rack space enclosures.

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marc From las vegas: very easy to hook up. very heavy for its size at 16 lbs. really bright led power indacator lights. about the size of a really big 4 channel amp, so make shure you have the room before you buy. overall, with an orion xtr pro , and a ,an alpine f and a rockford fosgate a2 or 2, my interior and dash lights would dim almost completely using a 5 farad copasisor  › Home › Car Batteries & Accessories › Capacitors.

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How to Make Sense out of the Mic Preamp Jungle

I told you in so many words to keep track of which wires went where on the receiver before switching them I saw this coming. Perhaps I should have stressed it a bit more and been a little more clear

Series – New. Breathtaking output and extreme low frequency extension with accuracy and control, the Series combine the most sophisticated SVS subwoofer technology with trailblazing innovations to take reference subwoofer performance to new ://

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How to Make Sense out of the Mic Preamp Jungle

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The power amp upgrade involves removing and replacing components on the main circuit board, depending on what year bike you have. The main component is a new higher quality, higher power, and lower distortion Power amp ://

This review is strictly “my opinion”, and should be taken as such. Any information provided should be considered yourself, as I am not a “professional reviewer”, and am also not an “expert” on amplifier design. Also, I am not paid or compensated in any way other than getting to play with the product in question for a short period of time by the manufacturer of this product, so don’t expect any portion of my review to be “sugar coated”.

I would like to thank Ben Vollmer for purchasing this amp, and allowing others to test and play with it. As with my other reviews, I will break this down into a few parts. The first of which is cosmetic build.

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The first is a series connection. In a series connection, the two battery voltages will add together to provide a combined voltage of 18 volts. The second configuration is a parallel connection. This configuration requires a voltage splitter or isolator to keep the volt battery from overloading the 6-volt battery. In this case, the total voltage will be between 6 volts and 12 volts. Place both batteries on a table.

Review: Audiosource Inc. AMP Amplifier. Along comes the Audiosource Amp from Phoenix Gold International with no bells or whistles very compact and attractive looking with its flat matte black finish selling on the internet for a paltry $$! The easiest way to avoid this nuisance is not to hook up the “1” inputs at all and

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Whether your favorite ride is a Honda Gold Wing, Harley Davidson Ultra, Harley Streetglide, Harley Roadglide,, Yamaha Venture, Kawasaki Voyager, Victory Vision, Can-Am Spyder, Honda CTX or a Cruiser VTX Style of motorcycle, J&M offers a wide variety of motorcycle audio products to enhance your riding experience.

How Do Speakers Work? Speakers are air pistons that move back on the negative cycle of the signal and forth on the positive cycle , creating different degrees of air pressure at different frequencies. The amplifier either separate or built-in your radio , produces electrical impulses that alternate from positive and negative voltages AC. This current reaches the voice coil inside the speaker, creating an electro-magnet that will either be repelled, or attracted by the fixed magnet at the bottom of the speaker.

The voice coil is attached to the cone, moving it back and forth, creating sound. The surround rubbery circle that joins top of the cone and metal basket and the spider usually yellow corrugated circle joining bottom of cone to magnet make the cone return to its original position. Speaker Sensitivity, measured in dB, is how loud a speaker plays usually 1 Watt, 1 meter. A higher Sensitivity rating means that the speaker will play louder using the same power as a speaker with a lower rating.

The back and front parts of the speaker should be isolated from each other. When the front of the cone is pushing air, the bottom is pulling air, creating a canceling effect. Ideally every speaker should be in an enclosure. If you are mounting a speaker in a big hole, make sure you build a panel to isolate the front and back of the speaker baffle.

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