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EIN Rex Mansfield passed away: It is with real sadness that I have heard that Elvis’ army buddy Rex Mansfield passed away Sunday, August 26, morning. Rex Mansfield was inducted into the Army on the same day as Elvis in March and went through basic training with him in Texas, traveled with him to Germany and became close friends for the next 18 months. Elisabeth Stefaniak later Mansfield was a young German girl in and was hired to answer Elvis’ fan mail. Elisabeth became romantically involved with Elvis but was torn between her love for Elvis and her love for Rex — and she eventually chose Rex and they married in While Rex seemed older he did was energetic and talked with fans as he signed copies of his book. That was only 2 weeks ago, so his death is a real shock. Rex was a class act, a very fine gentleman and I am thankful I had the chance to know him. The deluxe hard-back book ‘Strictly Elvis: Keith Alverson first saw Elvis in concert in the early 70s when he secretly smuggled in his small pocket camera to sneak a few photos of Elvis and from there he went from strength to strength.

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This chart details the year, model and last serial number produced for each instrument during that period. For and , Guild resumed using separate serial number prefixes for each guitar model, plus the first and last serial numbers produced for each instrument during that period. Tacoma made Guild guitars have a serial number consisting of two letters and six digits. Successive years are associated with the alphabet in sequence. These three numbers identify the month and day of manufacture by their respective numerical order.

In this case, the numbers identify the instrument as being made on the 37th day of the year, which according to the Julian calendar, is February the 6th.

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Share this article Share She turned in the killers and provided evidence against dozens of mafia members to crusading prosecutor Paolo Borsellino, who was himself killed in a car bomb attack just months later in Nicolo’s sister Rita Atria was also working with the prosecutor but killed herself in July , a week after Borsellino was murdered. Aiello has said she decided to run because of the movement’s commitment to tackle social inequality and because she wanted her identity back after being forced to move to a different part of Italy.

Aiello turned in her husband’s killers and provided evidence against dozens of mafia members to crusading prosecutor Paolo Borsellino, who was himself killed in a car bomb attack pictured just months later in A mafia supergrass who turned informant after her husband was killed by the Sicilian mob has won a seat in the Italian government – despite not being allowed to show her face in public.

The year-old has evaded arrest for a quarter of a century and is wanted for a string of crimes including murder. He is believed to have succeeded notorious godfather Toto Riina, who died in Aiello witnessed two mafia hitmen kill her husband, the son of Sicilian mafia boss Vito Atria, in file picture Share or comment on this article: Widow of mafia victim is elected to Italian parliament.

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Head back to the casino, and you’ll accept the next mission outside. The Truth Don Peyote The Truth calls you up and basically tells you he left two people in the desert who he needs you to save. Grab a four door vehicle and make your way towards the dam area of the desert. Find the correct roads and dirt roads, and make your way up the mountain where Paul and Maccer are located. When you get there, park in the red circle and watch the extremely humorous cutscene.

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The mafia has been a source of some of the best stories in film history for filmmakers. Want to know the best mafia movies ever made? Here is a list of possibly the greatest mob movies in cinema with posters. These mafia films are known for their plots, their special effects, and their amazing casts. This mob and gangster movies list can be sorted by cast, director, year, and more.

Click on the mafia movie titles in this list of mafia movies in order to learn more about each film. This mafia films list can also be reranked to create your own. These are gangster films involving the mafia. The best mob movies are full of action, crime, violence, and of course, memorable mobsters and mafia bosses.

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White collar are non violent and usually involved in money laundering, embezzlement, and fraud. Mafias are in various cultures and dominated by the Italian Mafia. I have explained in various articles about Sandy Hook and Parkland. With Sandy Hook the media used green screen, the police and FBI provided no actual evidence, Robbie Parker was laughing and smiling right before doing a media interview the day after his daughter was supposedly killed, video of Gene Rosen was released by a camera man of him rehearsing lines, Adam Lanza’s death certificate released through the FOIA states he died the day before Sandy Hook occurred and in NH, and many other things.

Parkland also had no evidence, they used actors, and ran the same program they do with all fake mass shootings. They build hidden passage ways and bunkers for hiding and escaping.

From Gotti to Gigante, the names atop today’s Mafia org charts are old the times have certainly changed for New York’s biggest families—and not for the better. Mob expert Jerry.

He was serving 26 life sentences for multiple murder convictions. In establishing an iron grip on Cosa Nostra, he murdered rivals and sent many opponents into exile in the United States and Latin America. Mafia “boss of bosses” Salvatore “Toto” Riina, is seen behind bars, during a trial in Rome, Credit: Since his capture, they have been angling to return. Rosy Bindi, the head of a government anti-Mafia commission, warned that Cosa Nostra still presented a grave threat. Monsignor Michele Pennisi, the archbishop of Monreale in Sicily, said: But he in turn was arrested in , after more than 40 years as a fugitive.

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Etymology[ edit ] The word mafia derives from the Sicilian adjective mafiusu, which, roughly translated, means ‘swagger’, but can also be translated as ‘boldness’ or ‘ bravado ‘. In reference to a man, mafiusu mafioso in Italian in 19th century Sicily signified ‘fearless’, ‘enterprising’, and ‘proud’, according to scholar Diego Gambetta.

Large groups of Italian migrant workers, primarily from the south of the country, first arrived in the US due to a US labor shortage, which was a result of the US Civil War , the end of slave labor, and the hundreds of thousands killed in the war. As the migrant laborers from Sicily arrived, they were met with prejudice and discrimination. This is when the Sicilian word ‘mafiusu’ began to change from a positive connotation in Sicily to the negative and shortened ‘mafia’ in the US.

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Interviews EIN brings you a diverse and interesting range of interviews with those who knew Elvis or have published books about his life and career. Respected Elvis author Alan Hanson, along with Erik Lorentzen, has just published ‘Elvis – The Movies’, pages examining all of Elvis’ movies and including some sensational photos. Elvis Presley’s dream was to become a movie star, and the dream started well for him. His acting ability developed steadily throughout his first four movies.

But, alas, it was the music which first gave him access to Hollywood, that proved the undoing of his acting career. The inevitable result was a long series of films with weak plots in which only the music mattered. Author Alan Hanson chronicles Elvis’ cinematic career, combined with hundreds of stunning photos from Erik Lorentzen’s exclusive collection. But what does this book offer that other Elvis Movie books don’t?

Millie Kirkham was one of Elvis’ favourite back-up singers.

Mafia induction recording made history 26 years ago in Medford

He is a revolutionary without phrases, without bookish rhetoric Anyone in Russia who seriously want to conspire, anyone who wants a people’s revolution, must go into this world. I believe in God,” he says sipping at a glass of vodka in one of the city’s many newly opened bars.

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He died last week at 82 of a heart attack having been retired from his life as a Goodfella for the past decade. Heading a numbers bank that employed his two brothers and three sisters, Williams was clearing close to three million bucks a year in policy slips alone. Authorities suspected the Williams crew of drug dealing too. Genovese took over as Godfather of the Pittsburgh mafia in , around the same time Grosso was ensnared in a racketeering indictment that wound up sending him to prison.

While Grosso shared his prolific portfolio of political, judicial and police contacts with the Pittsburgh mafia, he kept his independence by not paying tribute to longtime don and Genovese-predecessor Sebastian Big John LaRocca. When Williams assumed the mantle of power he changed things up and came under the Genovese syndicate banner. Reporting to Capizzi and receiving muscle from Genovese-dispatched enforcers Robert Bobby I Iannelli and Paul Paulie No Legs Hankish — the representative for the Pittsburgh mafia in West Virginia -, Williams solidified his standing by placing his own men in key territories to watch over his affairs.

Junior Williams sent his brother Eugene and an associate named John Deep to hardscrabble McKees Rocks to run the lucrative Club also known as the McKees Rocks Social Club , a mobbed-up gathering spot and gambling den operating at all hours of the day and night. It was a buzzing hot bed of numbers activity. These interests were under the stewardship of Larry Russo.

He went down again in the early s for more gambling offenses and a parole violation, leading to another stint behind bars. Sprung from incarceration in , Williams is alleged to have hung up his mob spurs. At the time of his death last week, Junior Williams was a suspect in at least three gangland homicides believed to be connected to mob beefs in McKees Rocks: Michael Genovese died of natural causes in

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